Features - Rēkon
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The core feature that drives the Rēkon platform is the Fire Session. Through new verification technology, advanced scoring algorithms and extremely precise data, shooters of all disciplines and skill levels are able to measure and track their shooting performance. Highlighting each shooter’s minute of angle, accuracy, precision, distance to target, average spread and more, Rēkon helps shooters really drill down to see how they are performing and where they need to improve.


Available for the first time ever, Rekon’s challenges feature enables shooters to compete against other users from anywhere in the world and at any given time. Whether competing against single individuals or groups, Rēkon users can go head-to-head with friends and family, or against complete strangers. Accompanied by sophisticated leader boards with robust filtering options, Rekon’s challenge feature allows shooters to see how they stack up against others in and outside of their own networks, creating a fun and competitive experience for shooters of all skill levels.


Rekon’s gun vault allows users to create a digital inventory of their personal firearms and ammunition.  Users can make their vault accessible for friends and connections to view, or set it as private use only. Whether private or public, the gun vault provides users with performance statistics pertaining to each item within their vault. This data can be used to compare against others or simply for self improvement tracking.


The Fire Feed is a social connection hub that brings shooters together from all across the globe. Whether posting or viewing, users can interact with each other, share accomplishments, view photos and videos, connect with friends, send and receive private messages and much more. This new social venue unites shooters of all disciplines and abilities and creates a new interactive experience that has never been known to the industry until now.


Rekon is built on the data from each of your Fire Sessions. We take things like Avg. Minute of Angle, Distance from Center, Accuracy and Precision and allow the shooters to view and analyze the numbers over time. This way they can visualize the changes to their performance with each tweak to their style or addition to their load-out. The Stats page within your profile will also allow you to track round counts so you know exactly when you need to restock on ammunition. Never before has so much information been so readily available to shooters everywhere.


The Rēkon ballistic engine combines the best aspects of all the other mobile app ballistic calculators on the market into one powerful experience. In conjunction with a simple and intuitive interface, Rekon’s ballistics engine eliminates the needs for using multiple solutions to get the job done.


Intuitive Shot Clock

Audio tracked split times help shooters see and improve their timed shooting.

Robust Leaderboards

Users can compare how they stack up against other shooters

Shooter Discovery

Find and connect with other shooters in your area.

Standardized Scoring

One scoring method for all users finally allows the different shooting communities to enjoy their firearms together.

Ranking System

Issuing challenges, winning challenges and completing Fire Sessions, are all ways to gain more experience within Rekon and move up in rank.

Customizable Privacy Settings

In love with the traceable metrics but don't want anyone to know what guns you shoot? You choose whether to make your whole account or just your Gun Vault to be private.

Private Messaging

Invite friends to meet up IRL or engage in some harmless taunting; all without leaving the app.

Facebook Integration

Link up with your facebook account to take the social aspect of Rekon to the next level.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified when you have pending messages, challenge invites and comments on your sessions.