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Rēkon: Launch Announcement and Official Press Release

Rēkon: Launch Announcement and Official Press Release

Rēkon Launches Industry First Mobile Technology for Social Shooting

SILICON SLOPES – January 19, 2016 – Shooting technology startup Rēkon today unveiled the world’s first mobile app designed to turn real-world shooting into a gamified digital experience. The Rēkon mobile app is now available for download in the App Store.

“Since the advent of sport shooting, firearm enthusiasts haven’t had a way to elevate their skills, compete against other shooters, and brag about their experience through a fully customized mobile app,” said Rēkon Co-Founder and CEO Austin Overman. “Rēkon connects shooters everywhere in the world in ways we’ve been dreaming of for years.”
Rēkon takes the data from shooting sessions and creates a completely new and exciting digital experience. Features available in the free version of the app include:

Fire Session
Fire session uses new verification technology, advanced scoring algorithms and extremely precise data to give shooters of all disciplines and skill levels the ability to measure and track their shooting performance. Highlighting each shooter’s measure of angle, accuracy, precision, distance to target, average spread and more.

Challenges enable shooters to compete against other users from anywhere in the world and at any given time. Using sophisticated leader boards with robust filtering options, Rekon’s challenge feature allows shooters to see how they stack up against others in and outside of their own networks, creating a fun and competitive experience for shooters of all skill levels.

Fire Feed
The Fire Feed is a social connection hub that brings shooters together from all across the globe. Whether posting or viewing, users can interact with each other, share accomplishments, view photos and videos, connect with friends, send and receive private messages and much more. This new social venue unites shooters of all disciplines and abilities and creates a new interactive experience that has never been known to the industry until now.

Gun Vault
Rekon’s gun vault allows users to create a digital inventory of their personal firearms and ammunition. Users can make their vault accessible for friends and connections to view, or set it as private use only. Whether private or
public, the gun vault provides users with performance statistics pertaining to each item within their vault. This data can be used to compare against others or simply for self improvement tracking.

For a subscription fee of $4.99 per month, premium users gain access to a ballistics engine, advanced statistics and leaderboard filtering, a reloading library, and other membership perks.

To learn more about Rēkon, please visit www.teamrekon.com


About Rēkon
Shooting technology startup Rēkon is bringing shooting into the digital age. Founded in 2015 by Dan Larkin, Austin Overman, Pete Larkin, and Jeremy Smith – and based in Lehi, Utah – the startup released its first mobile platform designed to connect shooters all over the world and improve their performance.

Media Contact  |  Pete Larkin
801-871-5122  |  pete@teamrekon.com