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Rēkon Responds to Facebook’s New Firearms Policy

Rēkon Responds to Facebook’s New Firearms Policy

My dear fellow firearms enthusiasts,

As many of you have seen in your shooting forums already, Facebook has decided to prohibit the legal trading and purchasing of firearms using any of its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. This policy applies to any communications intended to facilitate the private, person-to-person sales of firearms.

As it is very difficulty to determine the potential “danger” that many gun related items could possibly pose, it is probable that Facebook’s new policies will also include firearm accessories. A perfect example of this is the latest attack on M855 ball ammo and standard capacity magazines.

These policy changes are coming about because of the controlling influence which liberal media has on the majority of social media venues. This strangle-hold, and the resulting effects on society, is something that has troubled me deeply for several years.

At Rēkon we understand the detriment these new policy changes will be to all shooting communities and we oppose them openly. We believe in each individual’s right to own and bear arms. We believe that this right “shall not be infringed,” and that it is every person’s right, regardless of sex, religion, or ethnicity to have the power of self-preservation and the rights to individual property.

Despite Facebook’s new policies and other challenges that will inevitably come, Rēkon is committed to strengthening and unifying the shooting community. In addition to the value that Rēkon already provides the firearms industry, we are pleased to announce that we are currently working on alternative solutions to the social media and marketplace options we’ve had to rely on in the past.

I look forward to unveiling the future of Rēkon to you all, and I look forward to the positive influence we can ALL be in our society that has for too long called good, evil and evil, good.


Austin Scott Overman

Rēkon. Shooting. Together.